Let’s face it, we live in a beautiful place!  Everywhere I travel people describe their impressions of the Pacific Northwest as a lush, green (OK wet) and scenic wonderland.  But even paradise has a community of people –  some who want for nothing and others who struggle.

Myself and my family have been blessed in pretty much every possible way.  Giving back to the communities that made this all possible is an indisputable obligation.  But beyond the obligation is the satisfaction of knowing that even the smallest contribution is appreciated and makes a small dent toward making life a little bit better for those whose struggles are obvious, and those whose struggles are hopefully temporary and harder to detect.

Community Centers
No community is complete with out a thriving community center.  This is one of our favorite places to make contributions.  At this time, $200 of each of our closings is distributed by escrow to the community center to support the many programs that help people of all ages and interests.
Maple Valley Community Center

Kid’s Team Sponsorships
South King County has some of the best run recreational programs in the US.  Team sponsorship helps more kids participate and is fun for everyone (including us)!
Maple Valley Youth Sports

soccer team     Tee Ball

Immediate Need
Unfortunately, bad things happen to great people everyday.  Giving on the fly to ease the burden of people in their darkest hours might be the most important way of all to support our community.  If you know anyone who finds themselves in sudden crisis, please let us know we set aside funds from each closing for this type of emergency giving and encourage others to do the same.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”