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There is every option available when it comes to housing in Maple Valley including apartments, senior housing, townhomes, and single family residences. Many of the developments in Maple Valley take advantage of the beautiful natural environment that the City has to offer. In the greater Maple Valley area it is not unusual for homes to be on multiple acre sites.

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In the center of the City there are multiple neighborhoods with tree lined streets, community parks and access to much of the nature that makes Maple Valley special.Many neighborhoods have access to extensive trail systems that lead to the Black Diamond Mountain Biking trail system, Lake Wilderness Park and Arboretum, the Maple Valley Library, and that link up to the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail which leads all the way into Renton. The trail system has the potential of leading someone all the way into Downtown Seattle and it also has multiple connections to the business community.


The City of Maple Valley has two developed parks, Lake Wilderness Park and Take-A-Break Park.


At 117 acres, Lake Wilderness Park is a large regional park with lots of prime shoreline, preserved forestland, and meandering pathways.


Running through the middle of Lake Wilderness Park is Jenkins Creek, a tributary for Big Soos Creek, which empties into the Green River. The park also includes three wetlands. A variety of birds and animals also make their home in Lake Wilderness Park. The City is served by the Tahoma School District, recognized for its excellence in educating children, excellent bus transportation, and aggressive pursuit of new opportunities for children. Academically, the Tahoma SchoolDistrict consistently scores much higher than most other Washington school districts. Tahoma High School is rated in the top 5% nationwide.

The District has one high school, one junior high school, two middle schools, four elementary schools, and a parent-partnered school.

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