Amanda Brooks Administrative Partner


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As a new transplant to Washington from Alaska, I’m so excited to be working with this incredible group of dedicated ladies! In 2018, I took a leap after more than 25 years living in Alaska and moved to the Maple Valley area with my husband and three children to be nearer to family. I knew many adventures awaited us in this beautiful state. One of those adventures has been joining the Dawn Rushton Group! As real estate investors for several years in both AK & WA, my husband Adam & I have learned much of what we know through trial and error. Now I’m grateful to be adding more and more to that knowledge base every day as I work with Dawn, Jessica & Kylee. They truly love what they do and I’m honored to be helping their team grow and flourish! After earning a degree in Psychology and working as a massage therapist for the last ten years, one thing I can say for sure is that life takes many unexpected turns. I truly do love the journey!
When not juggling work and my children’s very active schedules, you’ll find me exercising daily and getting out there to participate in my two most favorite outdoor hobbies – hiking & camping as much as possible! A very close second to my love of nature is my love of books. Does anyone know a good book club in the area looking for a new member? Let me know!

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